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Hi All,

I just wanted to share my Trading212 progress from the last few months.

Ep2. Trading212 Portfolio update #2 | £581.39 Investment Portfolio


Grats on hitting £2k! Any reason you haven’t chosen to invest into ETFs? Picking stocks is considered a fairly high risk strategy. I allocate about 25% of my portfolio into individual stocks and the rest into globally diversified index funds.


You are right about risk. I have been investing in ETF’s but only a small amount on FreeTrade. I do plan on adding a few ETF’s on my T212 portfolio as part of my 2020 strategy.

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Trading 212 is leaving Freetrade in the DUST!


I completely agree with that. since I’ve joined majority of my focus has been on T212 it has so many more features and now with fractional shares, game changer


HI All,

Am I being an absolute noob about this and can’t edit the first post?

anyway here is the list of my current Trading 212 Videos.

Episode 2. £581.39 Investment Portfolio

Episode 3. £775.05 Investment portfolio more stocks added!

Episode 4. £867.27 Investment Portfolio

Episode 5. £1,008 Investment Portfolio | Passed £1K

Episode 6. £1,376.62 Investment Portfolio | 1 Stock Sold & Increased Positions

Episode 7. £1,551.05 Investment Portfolio | This Portfolio is now in the Green!

Episode 8. £1,616.91 Investment Portfolio :chart_with_upwards_trend: | 2 New Stocks!

Episode 9. £1,830.27 Investment Portfolio :chart_with_upwards_trend: | Free Share | New Stock & A Closed Position

Episode 10. £1,834.66 Investment Portfolio :chart_with_upwards_trend: | UK Stocks Are Up | Stocks Sold

Latest Video Episode 11 - £2,039.54 Investment Portfolio :chart_with_upwards_trend: | Up £112.21 | Fractional Shares

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I believe it is how Discourse trust levels determine user access. Only at TL2 can you edit posts for up to 30 days, so I assume that means the TL1 still has the default 24hours restriction to editing.

Also, instead of making a list you have to keep expanding on here, would it not be easier to provide just a link to the first episode and a link to a playlist managed by yourself which updates to add each video as you release them?

I’ll give your videos a watch sometime as it seems interesting. I have been investing since October and currently sit at a balance of just under £1000 as I aim to put aside £300 per month (would be £500 but a prior commitment means more of my income is tied up).

do you happen to watch Joe Carlson? he does a typically weekly update on his dividend growth portfolio and talks about some of the news that will affect his own US holdings that he has on M1 finance, a platform that allows for share weighting and fractional shares to be auto-invested to the weakest stocks. he often gets a lot of questions about investing and so he explains many things that people could find very informative differently to how T212 does with its tutorial series.

I think T212 could use some of M1 features, but that it ultimately wins out in the fact M1 allows for trades at just 2 times of day, open or close of market, while T212 lets you make your trades instantly.

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Thanks for this,

Yeah you have a point here I didn’t think of that with the playlists.

Thanks, again for checking the videos out. I pretty much started investing with Trading212 around the same time. my main driver for signing up to this platform was that I wanted to buy Cloudlfare shares. now its become my main platform for my investments. I don’t have an amount i invest each month it’s kinda dependent on how much i save the previous month/if i see a buying opportunity. I probably should start thinking about a minimum I want to contribute to the portfolio. I know the feeling especially around the festive season I also had to cut back a bit.

I haven’t heard of him I’ll check out his videos. I’ve been watching a few videos of Andrei Jikh and Graham Stephan and a few other FreeTrade Youtubers

I have watched Graham Stephen before but mostly just for entertainment and some basic financial explanations. I stopped watching when he made videos criticising/mocking somebody else I watch just because he didn’t understand what it was they did and judged them based on a single interview covered differently in about 4-5 videos (by those motivational channels). Also, Graham admits himself that he could do his real estate thing not because of a tried and tested plan or strategy to grow his funds but because he got lucky on his first commission as a real estate agent that landed him a large amount of money in one go. So his videos aren’t particularly helpful for me as someone trying to get started and build up the wealth.

the channels I check most for advice on YouTube now are:

and any good videos that talk about Robert Kiyosaki, Peter Lynch, Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger, and Benjamin Graham related to making financial decisions in the markets.

Oh and Dan Pena, partly educational, mostly for amusement.

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Yeah have to admit it is more entertainment for me too. I’ve only recently started watching his video.

Thanks for these I’ve checked out Joseph Carlson channel and found his videos interesting from your previous post. I’ve subscribed to his channel. I also like Mad money which is interesting and useful for US stocks.

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HI All,

This is my latest portfolio update! I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

I’ll give your movies a watch during week and throw some feedback. :wink:

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£2,542.52 Investment Portfolio :chart_with_upwards_trend: | New Stocks Added | Free Share x4 | S02E02

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Hey everyone,

This is the latest update of my portfolio.


Another update
►Stock markets react to Coronavirus & Brexit!
►Performance of the portfolio


Hi all, its been while since i posted my Videos here.


#S02E06 | Trading 212 | £3,115.97 Investment Portfolio :chart_with_upwards_trend: | New Feature | Have Markets Recovered?


#S02E07 | Trading 212 | £3,295.38 Investment Portfolio :chart_with_upwards_trend: | Dividends & New stocks | BT still a buy?

Ep8 went live yesterday

#S02E08 | Trading 212 | £3,411.59 Investment Portfolio :chart_with_upwards_trend: | Top Fallers and Risers this week


Last portfolio update in 2019/20 tax year

#EP24 | Trading 212 | £5033 Investment Portfolio :chart_with_upwards_trend: | Down 23.10% | What are you investing in?

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#EP27 | Trading 212 | £5,870 Investment Portfolio :chart_with_upwards_trend: | Down 13.01% | Dividend Cut and Weekly update


Nice video, congrats on growing your portfolio so well over time. I’m starting my YouTube channel too, going to post my first video soon if you feel like subscribing! Keep it up

Thanks, looking forward to your videos when they launch. :slight_smile:

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