Youtuber Playlist/Video Links

Hi all,

In attempt to clean up the YouTube space in the community, I would like YouTubers to try organise their posts.

You can post your playlists here, and can update when new videos or added, but you should not make new topics for your personal channel. If it is posted outside of this topic I will move it in here.

I would still encourage you to post related videos in their respective topic. For example a Pie Tutorial can be posted in the Pie Update Topic.

I hope this helps to clean everything up, wishing you all the best with your channels!


Here’s a link to my Weekly Update Playlist :blush: usually posted on Sunday/Monday

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Can we add some videos that are not related to platform but, pretty awesome for trading?


Yeah this section is for anything to promote your own YouTube channel. As long as you don’t spam and it’s actually to do with investing it’s all good :+1:

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I’ll have to get making some videos then :slight_smile:

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I made this video highlighting how I’d invest right now if I was starting out. Let me know if you think anything should be done differently. Any feedback on the video is greatly appreciated

Infant Investors, one of the most popular channels among Feetraders, has just started doing T212 videos too…

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Definitely gonna move some people over…


Recently joined Trading 212 to start investing and thought I’d share my portfolio update and progress here in this thread… subscribe if you’re interested.

Youtube Channel - Infant Investors

I’ll be starting small, hybrid of dividend and growth investing, and pies and auto invest will hopefully play a major part :pie:

Disclaimer: Not financial advice, and always do your own research! Comments, feedback, questions welcome.

Get a free share worth up to £100 if you’re new:



Welcome to Trading 212! Great decision.
Going to move this into the YouTube thread! Already subscribed to you. Feel free to subscribe to me too!


Curtis is a legend: “I’m going to be baking a whole bunch of pies right now: pecan pie, apple pie, sheeeeeeeee-it I might even make a bakewell tart in this bitch.” :joy:


Subscribed back to you bro… your pie vid got me hooked! Appreciate it!

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Hahaha mouth is watering as I read that lmao! :pie: :yum:

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Uploaded a video showing my strategy with auto invest and pies, let me know what you think of my strategy and the video itself! Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


New vid showing what I’m buying right now and my portfolio update, any and all feedback is appreciated :smiley:

Hello Everyone,

I know this post is really annoying but I recently just made a review for Trading212,

I would appreciate any feedback, likes and comments as I strive to get better when it comes to making Videos!,

Kind regards,



I’ll have a look now!


Thank you for checking this out mate, I appreciate all the help I can get.

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Had a crack at this myself and used my nCino DD as a starting point. Hoping to do plenty more but probably after I’ve amassed a rolling two video backlog, so I’m not going weeks without posting.

(apologies for the sound jumping at the beginning - PC couldn’t handle Adobe Premiere Rush!)

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This was a really interesting video. It’s great to show people who say they don’t have enough money to invest but a lot of the time they’re paying lots of money a month on these non essential services. Need to get people in the mindset that investing is now for everyone, no matter how little money you have!