Integumen - merger, consolidation, ticker - ✅ Completed

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Integumen (#SKIN) announced a merger with Modern Water (#MWG).

We currently don’t have modern water on T212 so that part is easy

  1. Integumen also announced that their 10 shares will consolidate to 1. I.e. if I have 1 mln shares it will become 100k

Reading from Apple and Tesla topics, I understand that the process will be automatic and all I need to do is to get rid of fraction shares to create a whole number not to be affected?
Please confirm.

  1. Shareholders are to be given a proxy vote on the merger. Do you facilitate this? I have a fairly large holding (to the best of my ability) and my vote needs to count.

  2. Integumen will also change its name to DeepVerge at some point, which was confirmed by the CEO :

As you can see, the ticker will also be changed from SKIN to DVRG
How does T212 handle this process?

Thanks in advance for your help and time.

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  1. The shares will be automatically consolidated. Yes, if you don’t want any part of your position closed, it’s best to keep a whole share number. Although we might change this until the consolidation.
  2. We’re currently not able to facilitate this.
  3. Nothing specific here, you’ll just see a name change.
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Thanks @David for your speedy reply

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@Team212 @David @AlexK @Martin @PeterA

As of today, Integumen (SKIN) has changed its ticker and name to DeepVerge (DVRG)

How long does will it take for T212 to change these on the platform?


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Thank you for the ping, @Andy. The changes are applied.

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