GREE merge with SPRT

Hi guys,

The market just opened and I still don’t see GREE to trade on my ISA account.

I previously had SPRT shares. What’s going on?


It is still under the ticker symbol SPRT. It many cases it takes a few dayes before the ticker symbol chages.

It is not… SPRT appears as “delisted”, but funny enough, you can still click the “Buy” button, even though quotes are not updating…Screenshot 2021-09-15 at 15.54.35

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Yeah would be good to know what is going on. It was a merger. So no reason 212 can’t produce the new ticker they do it with spacs and MMAT / TRCH merge a few months back.

I hope they haven’t just sold us out. Or can’t bothered like they have with SYME

@Team212 ? Help with the above please. As two other topics have been deleted on the subject

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The stock will be available for trading shortly. We’ll update you immediately once the instrument goes live.


Excellent thabk you for this… you just never really know with 212 hahaha :laughing:

Hope that are not selling my SPRT share without my consent

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How long will this process take?

I can see that with a merger you pay cash for the shares is this correct and at what price do you pay for the shares of SPRT that I am currently holding.

and how long will it be till you pay the cash?

Hi, I can see the new ticker was added to the Invest but can’t find it in CFDs, will this be updated soon ?

@Team212 so the new ticker GREE is up. Will you covert the shares from SPRT into GREE if so will it Be done at opening prices ?

If you don’t covet the shares from SPRT intoGREE and pay us cash for the shares we had instead, what price per share do we get for SPRT , opening prices or whatever the price is when you decide to cash out the SPRT shares ?

Hello, wave:

As my colleague stated in Demerger - process topic :point_down:

We will inform you what price we will use to distribute the cash equivalent in the next few days.

This is not proper or correct procedure for a meger. So why would you do it this way… IBKR customers don’t have this issue. So why do 212 customers?

IBKR does not equal Trading 212.

I agree but buy negating on a merger process which is no different to others. Locking away your funds while the new ticker / same company is live a tradeable while it is increasing in value AH is not what a financially regulated company is allowed to do.
My assets are frozen in a company by 212. Yet the company I own sHares is is live and trading for everyone else. So 212 is selling me out of a company I own shares in that I could have brought today?

Technically your assets are held frozen in the standard 3 day settling period after sales, I don’t see how it’s any different.

Known fact.

212 can’t handle mergers where a different share is paid in respect of cash.

You think it’s illegal. Call the FCA, it will be easy to force change if you’re right.

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Thank you for response,

Surly you know now what price per share you are going to pay for my SPRT shares ?

Can you please share how you come to this decision ?

Is it the price that it closed at the last day of trading?
Is it opening price of new ticker ?

What guide are you going to use surly I should be told what cash value you are going to give me ?


They will convert at the new GREE price which is about $5-3 equivalent to sprt shares. As GREE lost 50% on open.

So I would guess look at sprt value current then take away another 70% of it :roll_eyes:

As SPRT closed trading at $11.86 and us left holding arent bending converted to GREE,then you should be giving us the cash equivalent of $11.86 per share.
But what’s happened here is you’ve loaned out our shares to the shorts.
You’re now going to fob us off with whatever GREE equivalent price is now.
Remember at time GREE started trading they were $102.

Trading 212, please tell me I’m wrong and you’re paying us at the $11,86 SPRT closing price