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Hi, I live in Thailand. I’m about to turn 19 next January and I have try a demo account of trading 212 already but I wanted to level up and trade in the real market with real money. I wanted to know that If I can create an account if I live in Thailand. I also wanted to know about the taxes when I traded. I know that this app is 0% traded commission but if I get the profit from trading how many percent do I need to pay taxes to my country and how does it work? The other things is that I have a money in my bank account but I don’t have any jobs so I won’t have an income for every month, can I still open my own account if I don’t have a monthly income ? The last question is how do I link my bank account to the stock market and how many percent commission so I need to pay if I want to withdraw my money from the stock market to my bank account? Thank. you very much

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I will answer what I can and the rest I will tag in a staff member to assist with:

Taxes come in a few forms, for example some shares pay dividends and there are withholding tax, whereas others have taxes displayed on when you purchase the price. These will depend on your country also, as each nation is slightly different.

The app is indeed 0% commission. Be aware of purchase fees for some stocks though, example: in the UK we pay stamp duty if we buy UK stocks. Also be aware how the currency exchange rate will affect your holdings. This can really make a difference sometimes and is always something you should be aware of.

You do not need monthly income to trade, a deposit is all that is required. Be aware though, this is no get rich quick lifestyle, and you should only trade what you are willing to lose. Be careful, especially considering you have no income to support.

Linking a bank account can be done via the app/website. It is simple to do so. Withdrawing money may incur fees, but this is dependant on your bank. Check with them prior, and be aware of any fees you may incur.

@Team212 may be able to assist further, if you so need.

Take care, and all the best.
Be mindful - manage your risk, and the profit will take care of itself.
Use the demo account to it’s full potential, it’s such a great tool to learn from.

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On their web page, you come across FAQ section. There you can find all relevant answers to your questions!