New Belgian investor, wondering about how taxes are calculated?

So I’ve joined T212 a little over a month ago, and love being able to trade without fees. The only other Belgian brokers had astronomical fees and prices that made DCA impossible without already being incredibly wealthy to begin with.

However, one thing they did do, was take care of all tax reporting and the like. Now my question would be, how is this done (if it is done) on Trading 212?

Any answers would be greatly appreciated!


I used live in Belgium. You have no capital gains tax there so you should be fine.

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Thanks for the answer!

I am aware of the capital gains tax (which only applies when you sell). What I’m not sure on though, is dividend tax and tax on buying shares.

I talked with another Belgian investor who uses a Belgian broker because he wants to avoid all the tax hassle, but I would really prefer to avoid having to move to a broker from Belgium as the fees for international share buy/sell is 15 usd for every transaction, and 9 euro for every transaction of Belgian shares. It’s nuts.

The forms you signed when you opened this app deal with this. Tax is taken automatically.

The W-8BEN for avoiding double taxation on US dividends is completed at account opening. However, this isn’t a blanket taxation tool. Additional tax on transactions and dividends may be appropriate, depending on the client’s residential and fiscal situation.

T212 doesn’t calculate the tax for you, @Daniel, but you can send a request to support for the data that you may need to complete it.

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Thanks for the info!

I need to figure out how to exactly file the taxes though, and what has to be filed. I’ll be talking with some bookkeepers later this week to figure that out.