Introduction of FX Conversion Fee

They absolutely will and I’ll be jumping ship before 1st April

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They must do. Otherwise they would have mentioned it in their post (David´s post), like they did with the card payment fee.


We have big plans for the next chapter in our development and we want to continue to be sustainable while investing hugely in quality and innovation.
To achieve this, starting in early April, we are introducing an FX conversion fee of 0.15% - among the lowest in the industry. This fee will be applied when you are trading with stocks or ETFs that are quoted in currencies different from your account’s currency.



Harsh words. You might want to tone them down a little.
Insulting (liar) is not the best way forward.

I won´t flag it though. Just letting you know.

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I disagree, this has clearly been their strategy all along. They deserve to get called out on it. They’re big boys

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There’s a very interesting comment in the LinkedIn post that’s worth reading: AltFi on LinkedIn: Trading 212 introduces FX conversion fees, losing its commission-free



  1. Not on the entire value of the pie, just on the value of the orders that are placed for the rebalancing.

  2. You are correct in mentioning that this is not a new section in our Terms and the topic has been discussed here. I can confirm that 100% of the client funds are currently held in Barclays & NatWest, UK.

  3. No, this doesn’t affect orders that have already been placed. This exclusively applies to our ability to change the minimum/maximum quantity you can buy/sell on a new order.

  4. The sole purpose of adding this clause has been the growing abuse and harassment our colleagues in the Customer Care team have been experiencing. We want our employees to have a safe working environment and we will not tolerate insults towards them.
    “Not limited to” is being used purely as a precaution to cover any potential abusive behavior we might not have included. We remain open to constructive criticism and will definitely not look to close client accounts for voicing their opinion.


I don’t think it’s a secret that these newer brokers have issues. Across the board. All of them, not just T212.

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Lots of appeals to staff from worried members across this thread (and forum, to be fair) that receive silence; except if it’s to do with T&Cs or you have a YouTube channel, it seems :thinking:


I think your post (with that LinkedIn comment) just got deleted…not even just hidden…deleted

Im cool with fees even the competitors have their fees and the pink one charges 0.45 for fx so bare that in mind people. However what i would want is faster execution on orders to sell and buy stock in ISA and invest. Also will someone please please tell me when the max limit to buy or sell per single order on HCMC will be lifted. Its crazy because i can’t put a sell limit order on my shares in one go, instead it has to be multiple orders just to even sell. Please sort this out guys. @David @admins Im sorry if i am posting in the wrong place about this but no one seems to be responding. Can the limit at least be lifted for the selling orders?

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Look Trading 212, if your business model is not sustainable then just introduce some sort of fee.

Stop with all this free, and then changing goal posts.

Just review your business, make some decisions, and stick with it. It’s really not hard.


That is exactly the sense I am getting too. Exacerbated after the recent fiascos.

They are sustainable, but they want to be able to put a lot more money into improvements than they are currently able and that means a minor FX fee.

Unless people suddenly don’t want T212 to become better and just want something to complain about? can’t eat your cake and have it too.

Ooh. Business expert has chimed in :rofl:

Is that not what they’re doing? Constantly reviewing, adding fees to assist in development and sustainability?

Isn’t that exactly what the post says :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


People want something to complain about?

Are you serious?

I dont think many people complained about 212 when they first came on the scene, in fact they were game changing.

But now, what makes trading 212 popular is only 1 thing: the competition is worse.

Thats not a good long term look.


On point thank you. It is as if we had no other thing to do, but spend our precious time complaining…


It’s the weekend, the market is closed, better tell David and the crew off :sweat_smile:


Nice spot


TBF before card fees, and before these FX fees trading 212 services were announced I was amazed at the service 212 were offering.

Even introducing pies

You can defend 212 for whatever reason but not everything they do is glittered in gold. Since the announcement of fees and I guess this roadmap of investment, things just look worse

app slow downs, no new referrals, change in trading terms etc…

Yes, all this needs investment

But if you expect people not to complain about new fees then there needs to be a reality check. Money strike emotion in people, that is never going to change.


Yea i find myself with the same issue. T212 is now with Freetrade and Etoro in my opinion. As soon as one of the better established US fintech comes into the UK market im off. My trust in this platform is gone, they dont care about us. They going to make millions form this FX fee.