Introducing multi-currency support to Trading 212 Invest

Multi-currency support - coming to Trading 212 Invest in July!

Deposit, hold, and invest across multiple currencies without having to pay FX fees on your trades.

Launching with GBP, USD, EUR, CHF, DKK, NOK, PLN, SEK, CZK, RON, BGN, and HUF (more to come).

When investing, your capital is at risk.


Answers to some questions that you might have:

What is a Multi-currency account?

Our Invest account is becoming a multi-currency account, allowing you to hold and trade with multiple currencies. This means you can convert your money in the currency of the product to avoid FX fees every time when buying or selling.

Which currencies will be available?

We’re launching with the following currencies: GBP, USD, EUR, CHF, DKK, NOK, PLN, SEK, CZK, RON, BGN, and HUF.

Can I convert funds between currencies directly in the app?

Yes, and we’ll charge you our standard FX fee of 0.15%. There are no extra FX costs - we use the live interbank currency exchange rate, which is the rate at which banks convert currencies with each other.

Can I have a CFD/ISA Multi-currency account?

At this stage, only Invest accounts will be multi-currency.

Is the current 0.15% FX fee getting removed?

No, the current 0.15% FX fee is not being removed. This fee will continue to apply to currency conversions, whether when you place trades or convert manually.

Dividend payments will remain exempt from the FX fee.

Please note that we use the live interbank currency exchange rate for all conversions. This is the real-time rate that banks use when trading currencies with each other, meaning there are no hidden markups on these rates.

Do I have to do anything to enable it?

No, as soon as we launch, you’ll be able to deposit and convert funds between all supported currencies.

How this will impact to my account statements and account value calculations?

Your account value will still be calculated and displayed in your primary currency.

Account statements will continue to be calculated and issued in your primary currency, but with added details. These will include a breakdown of uninvested cash for each individual currency and records of “currency conversion” transactions, which reflect exchanges between different currencies. These modifications aim to give a comprehensive and transparent view of your multi-currency trading activities.

What is a primary currency?

The primary currency is the currency you choose when you initially open your Trading 212 account. It serves as the default currency for displaying your account value, positions, reports, statements, etc.

Can I change my primary currency?

No, once selected during account setup, the primary currency can’t be changed. But with multi-currency accounts, you can trade and manage funds in multiple currencies.

Can I select the deposit currency?

Yes, you will have the option to deposit funds in any of the supported currencies. This flexibility not only allows for more control over your account management and trades but can also help you avoid potential high conversion charges from your bank.

Can I select the withdrawal currency?

Yes, you will be able to withdraw funds in any currency. We will not auto-convert funds when executing withdrawals. You will select one currency balance to withdraw from, and we will payout the funds in the selected currency. You must make sure that the bank account you are withdrawing to is in the same currency as your withdrawal, as otherwise your bank may charge you for FX conversion and there might be delays in processing the withdrawal.

What happens to proceeds from dividends and other corporate actions?

Dividend payments will continue to get credited in your primary currency. Dividend payments will remain exempt from the FX fee.

Can I select the currency for each order?

Yes! You will be able to select the currency when placing each order.

Can I combine multiple currencies in a trade?

No, you can select one currency per order.

Will pies will get multi-currency support?

No. Pies will continue to hold cash in your primary currency. When adding or taking out funds from your pies you’ll have to use your primary currency balance.


GREAT news!!! :confetti_ball: :tada:

Trading 212 always on the vanguard of financial innovation!

Trading 212 is becoming an one-stop financial institution with very small fees (almost 100% free).

With multi-currency accounts, we can have a proxy for “foreign-exchange interest-bearing accounts/deposits” (even with the T212 0.15% FX fees):

→ Can we have a FAQ/Help Page with all the details related to this feature? (To be more easily and always accessed, and avoiding the probable loss of this topic between hundreds of topics in this community,) :wink:

→ Do you know the ETA for the multi-currency Invest accounts?


Holy cow!!!
Multi-currency accounts is something I didn’t even dare to wish for!
This is something that I did not see coming, huge news! Thanks to the team and as always - if you need beta testers - count me in… fantastic :heart_eyes:


Sounds very interesting. However, my question, which I acknowledge could be caused by ignorance, is whether this would also result in the availability of stocks hitherto not available? For example I notice that Volvo is available to buy but only in $ through the OTC market. While it’s available in SEK, that’s only in CFD.

If Volvo stock is only available in USD via OTC markets, you can only buy it in USD.

The Volvo CFD is another instrument, if it’s denominated in SEK, than can be bought with SEK.

Volvo stock in SEK only could be available, if T212 had the Stockholm Stock Exchange.


The feature will be rolled out in July. I’ll let you know once I have an exact date.

Certainly, we’ll have one published on our Help Centre soon.

As @RLX mentioned, different listings will be denominated in different currencies, and we may not have access to all of them. Either way, this feature will not affect instruments offered on the platform.


This is great news and hopefully it will not be long before you add muilt currency facility to the ISA accounts


No chance


Thanks for that. Seriously annoying especially when you can hold foreign currency in a SIPP


There are alternatives, like investing in ETCs, e.g. Long USD/Short GBP; Long EUR/Short GBP; etc.; or vice-versa.

In reality when we buy a foreign currency, we are buying it (going Long) by selling another currency (going Short).

(The same principle, goes when we buy stocks/other instruments in foreign currencies, we are going Long in the instruments and their currency and going Short in the currency we sell. For example, buying the original USD-denominated Apple stock with GBP or EUR, etc, we are going Long on the Apple stock and in USD, and we are going Short in currency used, the GBP or EUR, etc)


You can take a fx position to hedge the fx risk but that is only part of the problem. Essentially buying shares priced in another currency you have the risk of changes to the fx rate which, as you say, you can protect against by using fx products. However, the other issue is just the cost of the fx in the buy/sell transactions and buying an fx product only adds to the cost. A multi currency account means you can avoid the fx fee of buying/selling stock by simply holding the currency in the account and never converting to/from GBP. If you are regularly trading in another currency, having a multi currency account 1) saves a lot of fx fees but also 2) means you can trade either more profitably or against smaller price movements

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Thanks to both you and RLX for your responses.

A bit of a tangent follow-up question but I’m wondering whether there is any prospect of T212 obtaining access to the Nordic and Baltic stock exchanges? I would be very interested in investing in that area of the world, especially with my part-Swedish background.


@1anrs Although it is part of our plans to keep adding new exchanges, we can’t commit to an ETA for the addition of these specific exchanges at the minute. I will pass your feedback along and keep you posted on any developments, though :handshake:


Thanks for this new feature.
Excuse my basic question : what are the needs in order to avoid the FX fee ?

  • from our bank account, we would need to make a deposit on TR212 in dollars ?
  • and then when bying a US stock, we would need to indicate : currency = ‘dollar’ ?

As I’m not sure that my bank supports ‘dollar’ currency, are there other ways / tactics to avoid this FX fee ?

Could you please correct if I misunderstood…
Thanks in advance

The answer is literally in the first post:

Please dont take this the wrong way, but if you put as much research into your stock picks, you might find you are much better simply picking a global equity ETF and regularly investing in that. :person_shrugging:


i don’t know this, can you please share a provider who support SIPP with multi currency

ii (interactive investor) have a SIPP that supports multi-currencies within the account (I’m sure there are referral bonuses) so if you think of opening an account let me know I’m happy to give a referral link if it gives you a bonus

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@mandadapu28ster @WakeMeUp almost feels like you are the same person. :money_mouth_face: :laughing:


Awesome, finally :smiley:

Is there a reason why we can’t change the primary currency though? Will this be a future feature?