INTU, WDI, TLRD Delisting, money trapped in Stock


Delisting from our side is handled after we receive an official confirmation on such events, the happening of which we cannot foresee as certain, therefore, we are not able to inform/warn you for them beforehand.

In the event of delisting:

On the CFD platform, in most cases, the stock will be temporarily suspended, which will cause the positions of clients to become locked with the intent to provide access to later trade them on OTC (If practicable). If not, they will be closed on the last available market price.

For Invest/ISA we strive to provide the ability for closing your already opened positions on an OTC, unfortunately for ISA we are obliged to comply with a 30-day timeframe since the delisting, in which the client can close the positions by himself (@phildawson might find this useful) and if he doesn’t, we perform a mandatory closure. On Invest accounts there is no such timeframe and positions can be held indefinitely.

We are working on providing feed and full tradeability on OTC markets, to prevent such limitations.