Why doesn't T212 ISA allow you to hold a stock delisted to OTC?

Why doesn’t T212 ISA allow you to hold a stock that has been delisted to OTC? Seems strange that your position would be automatically closed based on this reason. It should be transferred to T212 Invest side considering I don’t want to close my position.

As far as I understand, an ISA is a special tax wrapper, with reporting and tax implications when taking money out of it. T212 does not have the authority, under no condition, to deliberately transfer positions out of an ISA.

Also, such type of transfers are not supported, and never were, so it is a bit strange that you’d claim expecting such behaviour.

I didn’t say I was familiar with all the procedures /rules. Would the situation be the same with another broker? Meaning if I had a position in something that was delisted to OTC, would it automatically be closed?

From an ISA account, yes.

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Thanks for the replies.


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This seems contradictory to T212’s own guidance?

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Its not. There’s more factors that go into it than OTC = Fine.