Didi delisting in nyse

I have read the general statement on delisting companies on the trade212 chat and the allowance of OTC trades at discretion. I have also been told that trade212 are querying with the intermediary broker on what options there may be in the future. Can trade212 provide an update for Didi holders on what the official position will be?


I am waiting update for TILS from trading 212 despite company had clear policy on it.

Please let us know what will happen. Or at least what do you expect to happen.
Thank you!

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In case of a move to HK, will we get the shares automatically transfered?

Hi everyone,

There is no official date or information about Didi Global’s (DIDI) delisting yet.

If such an event is about to happen, we will notify all affected shareholders.

However, we cannot share any particular course of action until we are sure that the event will be executed.

Are we doomed?
Sell while you can?
What’s gonna happen with all the shares?

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Are we going to keep on OTC the share?
What will happen to shares on CFD?


Any news or information?

We’re closely monitoring the situation with DiDi Global (DIDI), and there isn’t any official news about potential delisting. We’ll update you if anything changes.

It is delisting I mentioned this to 212 over a week ago they filed for it. But still nothing ?
Most other brokers are starting to trading it under DiDiY now. Hopefully we get more updates soon and a ticker change. Are we getting the new ticker change Monday?


Doomed ? Not in a million years this is not a bankruptcy it’s a voluntary delisting, if you know what happened with lukin coffee it delisted and ran to $16 from 0.90. In OTC. It’s just depends on brokers. If 212 don’t allow it while all other brokers do I would switch. Now ready to trade as DiDiY. Trading 212 go through Ibkr from what I’ve read so no reason it can’t trade.

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I still see only DIDI in IB as of now…

I mentioned this to 212 since last week everyone knew they filed to delist but 212 still haven’t said anything most likey it will update Monday and trade as DiDiY. 212 kept saying they are waiting on news, Surely they seen the filing.
If you search for ticker tcehy it’s shows on trading 212 so I feel no reason DiDiY won’t trade on 212. Plus nearly all other brokers are letting it trade right now most have updated to DiDiY.

You don’t understand. I said I only see DIDI on IB, which is the underlying platform T212 uses, so how on Earth do u expect to see DIDIY (if that even exists) on T212 is IB doesn’t even have it?

Check again IB shows as DiDiY pink sheet so 212 should also trade it since the brokage through Ibkr and they also trade tencent on 212 no different looks like 212 will trade it.


Hey, @Sunkissed.

DiDi Global, Inc. got delisted from NYSE and moved for trading on OTC Markets. We will reflect the move, and the stock will be available for trading once the US session begins today.

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Oh, wow, that was pretty smooth actually, haha. Not that much drama.

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What happens if DIDIY gets listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange and how will it affect my position?

As of the moment, there’s no official information regarding a potential listing on the HKSE and currently, the instrument remains tradable on the OTC Markets. If there’s any news, we’ll inform shareholders accordingly.

Are there any updates?