Invest in Tesla now?!

Everything holds true until it does not :wink:
Its just a movement.

I would like to see a SpaceX IPO!
Sadly not in the near future it seems

I forget sometimes the meteoric rise Tesla made over the last year but how far can it go now? It seems to have been pretty stagnant/non-directional for the last month, I would have thought the $1.5B bitcoin purchase option of cars in the future would have moved it but almost nothing on Monday - probably only 2%. Are more pronounced movements by other global EV manufacturers e.g. NIO beginning to have a possible effect & challenge Tesla or am I just in cloud cuckoo land :roll_eyes:

Yahoo Finance’s Brian Sozzi and Julie Hyman interviewed TD Ameritrade Chief Strategist JJ Kinahan Monday, who raised the following issues:

> I think one of the big issues we’ll see that many people had going into this was: Should I trade Tesla as a technology company? Should I treat Tesla as an automobile company? … And I think now as a Bitcoin investment … it changes … how you look at Bitcoin itself in terms of where will this start fitting into balance sheets of major corporations, as well as day to day life…

Yahoo article 9th Feb 21

I don’t follow Tesla, but looking at your graph it was also flat between mid-September and late November. So nothing new.
Also, stocks cannot go up forever, without stopping.


Personally it’s still a buy for me. Have a look at any other growth stock like Apple, Amazon or Google. Forgive me for memeing, but they do only go up. As to Tesla buying bitcoin, completely irrelevant for me. That would be like telling me they purchased £1.5B pounds seterling. Ok, they have some different currency on the balance sheet.

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Ok thanks guys for feedback, I have bought/sold Tesla in the past year and its always been positive for me so far. Just need the crystal ball polishing for the future :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Imo: buy bitcoin, hold tesla but won’t buy it. At this price its a hold. I am watching competition of Tesla closely. If I see just a hint of serious competition I will cut back Tesla considerably and take profits.

Thats my strategy, I know there are many extreme bulls on Tesla on this forum but I am fine with the exposure I get through SMT. Too risky at these ‘valuations’ (not sure that exists reasonably in current market in any form) imho.