TESLA buy or not to buy????

I’m wanting to buy Tesla today as it’s at around $422 should I wait or buy now?

if you want to buy, buy, if you don’t, don’t.

we can’t tell you either will be the right choice just as we can’t tell you whether or not the price will rise or drop by market open tomorrow. :man_shrugging:

has your due diligence told you it is within your risk tolerance and priced appropriately? you have done your due diligence I assume.


I’ve done lots tbh and I did buy some in the end as things looked well with Tesla and just thought if it does drop I’ll just buy more at a better price anyway , I’m really new to all this as you can probably tell

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It’s good that you know where you stand. I have the same mentality with my shares as well, only buying those I have confidence in and averaging down overtime so that its easier to either leave net-zero later or make a healthy profit. :money_mouth_face: Tesla topics are almost a community taboo at this point LOL :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Everyone starts somewhere, so no worries about being new. we just get a lot of similar posts that genuinely have no clue about a stock or fund and want the community to decide for them :sweat:

If you haven’t already, reading the books published BY (not about :wink: ) the big names in the stockworld will go a longway to mastering your portfolio and refine your decision making in the future. we also have a lot of youtube stars :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: that have shared video’s alongside T212’s own that introduce all the platform functions as well as stock market basics, techniques and news. I highly recommend giving those a browse.

For most questions, there will be an answer readily available either answering your question or giving a very close answer you can use to figure something out, you can find these by typing your key words into the search feature at the top-right of any forum page :smiley:


Have google got to the market first. Is it something for the Tesla hardcore to be concerned about?

In my opinion it’s good to buy Tesla before what seems positive earnings later tonight.
Am remember Tesla is still growing sales by approx. 40% per year for the foreseeable future.


It’s geofenced. The thing about Waymo is it has to be trained in every single area. So it’s only learned this one small area. Whereas Tesla is trading the system to deal with any environment. Two hugely different means of self driving. Tesla has the data lead for sure


I’m personally not ‘pricing’ in autonomy. I’m pretty much in it for batteries, solar and yeah cars. The autonomy part of it is just a bonus in my opinion. And I’m not sure if we’ll really ever get to true ‘Level 5’ autonomy. But the rest of it should easily make Tesla the most valuable company in the world.

I have not heard or seen of another company producing solar tiles. Admittedly I didn’t look very hard, but they are going to kill the roofing industry in the same way as they kill ICE.


Here’s my really broad order of significance on Tesla:

1.Batteries. They have the best batteries around in terms of durability and energy density, which is important in many many applications including cars obviously, the grid, individual power walls and other products

  1. Autonomy. I fully believe that Tesla will win the autonomy race and sell this feature on. And they will also have their own autonomous taxi network which will replace car ownership in below median income households for sure. It’s a no brainer when it can save a few thousand pounds a year. But I’m sure richer households would prefer the luxury of owning their own car

  2. Solar. A really long adoption rate for sure, but all roofs will eventually be solar tiles, much stronger, more aesthetic and will be much cheaper than buying a roof and installing solar panels which are ugly anyway

  3. The cars. They’re taking priority right now, but it’s the only thing that contains the battery and the autonomy right now. Their cars aren’t really that great, but i think Tesla will always make the best value cars

Then there are many other opportunities in there. But seriously Tesla has lots of potential, it’s just sad so much of the future is priced in already. Still huge gains to be made I’d say over the long term. Great company, just hope nothing goes wrong that ruins it all.


Always good to encourage debate :wink:

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Some people have more of a (go away, do your own research) attitude towards this type of debate, instead of giving out advice or opinions, or what their outlook or gut is telling them.

Being new to trading I’m not on these forums for free financial advice or a free stock advisor, but this type of debate as shown above brings out some interesting outlooks or facts & opinions on a company, you may or may not have thought about or come across.

That’s probably more to do with being asked the same question or seeking an answer that depends on personal variations.

Other than that we should all be here to share information, thoughts to enhance our investing experience.

+3.4% numbers were good it seems

Very happy with numbers today, couldn’t have been much better!


Great numbers indeed.