Invest in Tesla now?!

Seems like it’s a good time to buy but the future…?


I’ve jumped in, see how things go. Up hopefully

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Is the new Uk law that goes into circulation 2030 that all car manufactures must only produce Electric vehicles. A good reason to invest in Electric vehicle companies in terms of brand Recognition and valued your product.
60 percent in brand recognition: Tesla
18 percent in vlaue to product: electromechanica

The rest in Coca Cola out of the ev market

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I’m using an isa.

To buy us stocks are there any charges and do we still have to pay us tax?

How does it work?


Thanks a lot I see it the same way it’s a good long time investment I beloeve

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The laws is more of a ‘high tide rises all ships’ Tesla is not the only EV manufacturer. The auto EV space is becoming extremely competitive and crowded extremely fast which at the end of the day is not the best business but amazing for customers.

Currently Tesla is priced for perfection for pretty far into the future so how long do you plan to hold? There are many aspects to consider but I would recommend you do your own in depth research and then decide.

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It’s the same as buying UK stocks, except you’ll incur FX impact (research online).
FX impact may lower your return or sometimes it may increase it.
As long as you use an ISA with T212 you don’t pay tax on US stocks.
With other brokers there are forms that have to be filled in order to reduce/eliminate tax—T212 does this for you automatically so you can do as you wish, and keep as much of your profit as possible :slight_smile:



What about us dividends? Think I read some there there’s some tax on those?

You’re right. Normally you’d get taxed 30% but because T212 submits a W-8 form on your behalf, you only get taxed 15%.

Thanks, so do you have to declare this anywhere or do they get deducted automatically by 121 and that’s it?

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The following applies only if you have an ISA; an investment account will allow you to receive up to £2,000 in dividends, only after that, you’ll start getting taxed or will need to pay tax.

My understanding is that — for non-US residents — the US takes their taxes from your dividend before they send it to you. Meaning if they have to pay you a £10 dividend and their tax (no idea how they calculate this) based on your dividend is 0.05p, they’ll only pay you the difference: £9.95; they’ll basically grab their tax way before you even see your dividend. Don’t worry, they’ll make sure you pay your taxes, even if that means that they do it for you :smile:

More info about tax on dividends on the website.
More info about foreign income from the website.
Note that where Foreign Income page mentions dividends, it’s talking about if you hold a regular investment account, then you pay tax (if you get more than £2,000), but if you have an ISA, you will not be paying tax.

Dividend tax: Income from a stocks and shares ISA that is paid as a dividend is now completely tax-free. Previously, dividends would be paid with 10% deducted at source even for investments held within the ISA wrapper, but that rule was scrapped from April 2016.

Another useful link about ISA and tax.

There is no tax to pay on the interest earned in a cash ISA.

When Isas were first launched investors could reclaim the 10% tax paid on dividends (income paid to people who hold shares) so stocks and shares Isas were completely tax free. However, in April 2004 the 10% dividend tax credit was scrapped, so for basic-rate taxpayers dividends are taxed as outside the Isa wrapper.

High-rate taxpayers do still gain from holding dividend-producing shares in an ISA- they pay tax at 10% rather than the 32.5% that is deducted on non-Isa investments.

Profits from shares held in an Isa are not subject to capital gains tax (CGT), which means any growth on your investment is all yours. You don’t even have to declare your Isa on your tax return.

Sorry for late reply <3

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I agree, the rise of Tesla will benefit short/midterm many EV companies but only few will remain longterm.

Maybe Tesla is one of them, maybe not.
Its very expensive purchase if you get in now in my opinion. I place my money elsewhere

to be fair to the T-Hype crowd, it’s quite a bit cheaper than a few days ago so a great dip opportunity to get into or increase your position size a little. :wink: it only goes up after all LOL

might spend a week with a little gain or loss, or suddenly see large profits overnight. what a fun stock :sweat_smile:

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That’s what I have been doing why not it’s pretty low!! Worth it of it even just goes up a bit…

They are not even top 5 EV seller in Europe last year. This is before the major car makers move anywhere close to all their models to electric. Stock will eventually crash when it becomes clear they will not be any kind of substantial market leader in a developed EV market

No buyers of eco credits and a comparable EV market share to Ford/BMW will give them not that higher a market cap than them

but they are #1 in the hearts of their investors :wink:

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safe to say TSLA is the Michael Jordan and GME is Lebron, so really GME is #1 at the present moment :wink:

Tesla has defied expectations, many analysts see it as overvalued however it has streamlined its manufacturing business. It has tapped into the Chinese market. How long this high share price can be sustained for though?

In my opinion?

As long as competitors lag behind!
Catch up is practically always faster than pioneering.

When they caught up, Tesla will tank.

No chance, after seing how loyal Elon’s fans are, it show’s this man has power. Hes moving stock’s with a freaking twitter post, what do you think about people’s feelings towards hisbown stock then?

If Space-X goes public in tje future, it probably be the biggest IPO ever seen