Invest v ISA accounts

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I’m new to this. When would I buy share in the INV account and when in the ISA account?

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I can mention the differences between the two account types. Then you can decide which one suits you best.

So, the Invest and ISA accounts differ in the following ways:

Invest Account:

  • It does not offer any tax advantages or exemptions.
  • You may be subject to taxes on capital gains and dividends earned from your investments in this account.

ISA Account:

  • The ISA (Individual Savings Account) account is a tax-efficient savings or investment account available only to UK residents.
  • Any capital gains, dividends, or interest earned within the ISA account are tax-free.
  • There is an annual allowance for how much you can deposit into an ISA, which is currently set at Β£20,000 for the 2023/24 tax year.

Just so you know, there are stocks that are not ISA-eligible, and you can find them in the Invest account only.

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So it would make sense to maximise the ISA account and only use the INV account if I wanted to invest in stocks that aren’t ISA eligible.

As a UK investor, 100% yes. You want to shield as much as your gains from the tax man as possible.


The ISA account is quite a gem for UK investors due to its tax-efficient wrapper. Essentially, any gains made within an ISA, be it from stocks, bonds, or dividends, are not subject to capital gains tax or additional income tax. This feature makes an ISA an ideal spot for investments you believe will yield significant returns over time, as these returns can grow tax-free.