Invested amount wrong

The “Invested” amount in my summary tab is wrong due to the free referral shares and how the Apple/Tesla splits were handled (plus some other factor).

I have only ever deposited £624.34 into my T212 account, however because of the referral shares and splits, £38.87 was added to my account from, which brings my “Invested” amount up to £663.21, but even then it actually shows £669.34. A whole £45 difference from what I’ve actually deposited.

While only a small difference, because I’ve only had my account for just over a month, that £45 is the difference between my summary tab telling me I’ve lost money, despite me knowing I’ve actually made money.

Is there any way to update this to show my actual deposited amount?

EDIT: Furthermore, my transaction history which shows the deposits from Apple/Tesla and my referral shares, don’t add up my “Invested” amount. My “Invested amount is £669.34, whereas my transactions (including referral shares and fractional sales) only comes to £663.21, showing a £6.13 difference.

The amount I have deposited from my bank, this actually invested, is £624.34.
My transaction history shows £663.21 because of the Apple/Tesla splits and the referral shares.
My “Invested” amount in my summary, shows £669.34.

I would like the “Invested” amount to show what I have actually deposited from my bank.


also when you receive dividends and reinvest them they’re counted in “invested” (I do get that it makes sense as it’s cash you have and invest). But I would also like an option to easily see how much I deposited vs what it’s worth now, while not having to go through the transactions and subtract the free share amount.

the amount invested also decreases if you close a position at a loss, so can be misleading (for example the averaged holding cost even if its a like-for-like sale of the last purchase amount at a profit).

I believe a toggle for those who want to switch between which chart they see is on the way.

This would be greatly welcomed!