Investing at Actual Weights

I am trying to understand if I can make further investments into the pie at Actual weights (like how you would do if you buy units of an open-ended fund, eg, Fundsmith)

It currently only gives the option to either invest by targets or by self-balancing. Custom would involve having to set it to actual weights every time…

You are right to raise this. I suggested the same thing when pies first came out, and it has been discussed previously in the community and I think staff are aware that this is a feature which some people would like. Adding to positions in proportion to existing holdings, ie by shares, would allow one to mimic the way an ETF is run. The staff have already mentioned that one of the developments that may be in the pipeline is pie-ETFs, with weights of the contained investments automatically provided.

See 3 in this post and comments that continue below it.

and also

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Thanks again for suggesting it. We haven’t forgotten the suggestion but we’re still hesitant to implement it because it is a bit “dangerous” especially for inexperienced people. This way of funding contributes to making a pie more and more unbalanced with each deposit.

How so? It would only be the same as the saying the S&P 500 has becoming unbalanced by AAPL talking a 6.5% weight. But one does not think of VUSA as dangerous.

But I guess you are worried that if one stock slice in a pie of a small number, say 5, really took off compared to the others then it, say NIO, could become very dominant without the user noticing. ETFs do not suffer from this issue as they usually contain many more than 5 stocks.

Yes, exactly. The pie could quickly stray away from the user’s definition of balance - the target% of each slice.