Does Pie investing also rebalance?

Trying to understand the weights in the pie here. Are the weights being used in the ways below?

  1. Purchase the shares initially
  2. Rebalance periodically

There is a rebalance option. Also when funding your pie, you can choose to rebalance, which causes underweighted instruments to be bought first.

Absolutely correct @chantal! :slight_smile:

The weights you set when you create your pie are your target weights, which is how your AutoInvested funds will allocate to your slices on each deposit. Depending on market movements some of your slices (target weights) can go over or underweight, which is where rebalancing comes in hand. This is when you can use the option to sell overweight slices and buy more shares for your underweight slices.

I can also schedule the rebalancing to happen periodically by itself right?

You won’t be able to schedule periodic rebalancing. It can only be done manually. :slight_smile:

Oh ok. thanks you. It would be a useful feature to have. Time and time again studies show that simpler portfolio management methods like that outperforms majority of the methods that tries to “time” the market even when it comes to rebalancing.

I think they need another regulation with FCA to allow autoinvest to use self balancing

So for now, only manual rebalance and self balance

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