Investing in Bull Run

You did I was just giving active examples where decision making should be considered now.

I would to take some profits in LGEN but the dividend is too good to leave

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I know it’s hard…but then is a 7% dividend worth a 50% gain? That’s over 7 years of dividends…You have to look at it this way…as well as lost opportunity costs on top.

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Rdsb and Gsk have both seen a upward rise in the last day or so. Difficult to know whether to bang a hefty wedge in so i dont miss the boat.

I bought GSK ar 1377

I think the cyclical chart of GSK over last 8-10 years is interesting, doesnt seem to go below 1300, equally doesnt spend too long above 1600. So argument that under 1400 (1389 currently) is a good buy, now I dont think this is much of a swing trade as it might take 1-2 years to make 10-20%, But if your looking for a dividend stock then you obviously get more bang for your buck when its trading cheaply.

For full disclosure I own a small amount (1.92% of my small portfolio as it stands) which I entered at 1296 / 1390 / 1376

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Also compared to its peers it’s rather cheap…

that gif made my day! lmao

story of my life

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Just the same here , its all state of mind. and what the press are printing !!! take the citron group lately causing many problems for share holders,this isnt helping matters for us investors . I have a problem buying in the green as i know it is going in the rite direction ( at the time ) then i discover the stock has dropped into the red , because i bought to high im now underwater with it waiting ,waiting,waiting, … so buy red i say no mistake to be made then. unless its Tesla of course. plan to buy more SBE today is the price drops enough . AS THEY SAY THE TREND IS YOUR FRIEND. :money_mouth_face: