Someone please tell me not to panic!

New to investing - been here since Oct last year.

Was doing well - good mix of varied holdings, up until a week ago the ISA was up 18% and invest account up 32%

Now they are at -5.2% and 1.2% - never seen so much red!

Please tell me this happens, hold your nerve, buy more while it’s cheap and it will bounce back…:hushed:

It happens, hold your nerve, buy more while it’s cheap, it will bounce back. :sweat_smile:


Yep it happens, March last year was a lot worse…I’ve got a pot of cash waiting for the right time to buy more.


Now I cannot tell you what to do with your investments, however, if you have done your DD and are happy with the companies you’ve picked for the long term, I’d buy more :+1:

Not so great for my swing trades this week though :cold_sweat: :sweat_smile:

*Not financial advice


march was amazing. never thought I would see a position hit 70% in the red LOL. still made about 18% profit on the position after about 7months, but missed out on so much profit because I had to average down and closed just 1 week too soon.


First of all, do not invest with your emotions, nor invest with a short term mindset.

Look at any market, and you will see wobbles from time to time. The key to generating a good return, is not just picking the right stocks or funds, but time.

Here is a graph of the S&P over time:

You will see that long term, patience and good investing, it goes up.


Either way you may regret your decision.

If you sell and make a loss you may regret it later.

If you don’t buy during the dip, you may regret it later when it bounce back.

As mentioned above, if you have done your research the stock will go up - currently the stock markers are very volatile.

I am in for a long term - so days like today, I don’t even look at the holdings.

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Guess its time to panic, sell and pack up :cowboy_hat_face:

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Corrections happen all the time, no stock will go straigh up. In my case i’m sad i don’t have more money to buy now


I was down 30/35% during March, never sold anything, and ended up buying more, and ended the year with a 65% gain! If you hold great companies, fundamentals and everything has not changed, just buy more. No need to panic.


There is some quote by someone I am sure, about if you worry or panic about your stocks or a certain stock, you probably either don’t believe in the stock, or don’t believe you bought it sensibly.

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I mean if you did you research and believe in companies long term there is nothing to fear.
If you went from +32% to +1.2% it also means that your portfolio is quiet risky as S&P 500 went down 1.5%, NASDAQ 5% (you are probably invested hard in Tech. right?)

If you have the spare cash buy the dip, when it bounces back gains will also be substantial as you probably have more money invested in the market by now.


Welcome to the world of investing :slight_smile:

Stock markets are going up and down all the time.
Just stick to your investment strategy and if you’re not confortable with stock picking just go for ETFs (they tend to be more resilient).

Thats gold, time to put that as my wallpaper :cowboy_hat_face:

Here’s another one for the wall from the same book. ‘The Intelligent Investor’ by Benjamin Graham.


It will be fine. Buy the dip to gain on the upside. I was stressing about being £3k down a month ago now i am £15k up and climbing

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I see it differently, I think this is just the beginning. Many will think this is just a passing short correction phase. I am in for the long run ofc and dont care about volatility but the market will do what you do not expect.

I am not buying anything at these prices. This aint no dip bro xD
We are roughly at December 2020 levels, nah I am good, you guys can buy xD

Just minor DCA in my monthly ETFs, thats it for me.

I am curious to see what will happen next few years when nations will be starting to feel the weight of debt on their shoulders ^^

…when they start to cut back more and more spending. Then we will see how the market will stomach this

While financial institutions and nations are throwing money at the markets I am not concerned. I am more concerned about the morning after…

They will create inflation and/or weeken their currency so the debts will be easier to pay.

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