Investment breakdown dividens

Hey guys. I dont fully understand the displayed return with pies and if you go to history β€”> all. As the title of this topic suggest im asking for received dividends.

First question: Are received Dividends within a pie shown in the total return of a pie, bc I dont think so and it would be logical to show it.

Second question: When i go to history and then to all you can see you total loss/ profit, but I noticed that received dividens are not taken into the calculation here what seems a bit weird to me.

Can some please tell me if Im wrong or right? (sorry for the grammar mistakes english isnt my first langue)

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Hey there @Pepijn031 :wave:,

To answer your second question, the Total profit/ loss result in the History β€˜All’ tab reflects only the result from your investments and dividends are not included in that number. :slight_smile: :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Dividend income is not included in the pie’s return value as it measures unrealised profits/losses only. Dividend income is realised profit.

Is it something that will be a option in the future or not?