Pie > Dividends > total gain : total amount incorrect?

Hello, in a pie, I have several dividend stocks.
And I received 2 dividends:

In the History tab, the total amount for dividends is correct: 0.52 €

But when I go in the pie (where both stocks are included):

In the Dividends section > total gained field :

only one of the 2 dividends are displayed : 0.14 €,
and not the 0.38 € amount
Why is the total gained not equal to 0.52 € ?

Is it possible that not all of the fractions were in those pies before ex dividend date? But either in other pie or in the invest part?

Because general rule, stock /fraction has to be in the pie before ex dividend date in order to receive dividend inside that pie.

Thanks for your reply !
Unfortunately, I can’t remember…
But more important : is there an easy way to solve it, so that the total amount is correct ?

Your remaining dividend is paid out in the free funds od your investment/isa account.

And is there a way to see it displayed in the pie > dividends > total gain ?
should I export and import again in the pie ?
Or this won’t solve the problem?

Unfortunately this is how it is implemented, your pie was not entitled to that part of dividend in this quarter as the fractions of share were not in the pie before ex date, just make sure in future to have holdings in pie before ex dividend date.

You can reach to support, but in the grand scheme of things, not sure what +0.38$ gained will change.

OK thanks for your reply.
Indeed it’s not a big amount :slight_smile:
And for the future, I’ll make sure all my holdings are in the pie before the ex div date.

Regards !