iOS App - Delayed or Lagged?

Hi All,
Is anyone else experiencing some weird lag or App delay on iOS lately?

Since the latest update and within the last week, stock prices don’t seem to update live all the time, and some of the stocks that are frozen and not updating seem to be slightly greyed out in the investments list and then the App will brighten them up when it catches up.

It’s hard to explain but the App in general feels lagged.

Attached is an example image of two stocks which are coloured different, with the 1 greyed out somewhat:

Yeh I am too experiencing the same and the app saying connecting

I experience the same on my apple device.

@Tony.V or any other 212 staff, could you please advise your thoughts?

Is this server lag/delay, or an iOS bug isolated issue ?


We’re preparing a fix :gear:, which will be uploaded soon (expected for tomorrow’s release)- thanks for sharing the matter. It’s related to the visual representation & it doesn’t affect the execution, nor the result. In the meantime, as a workaround, I’d suggest:

  • scroll to refresh the page;
  • logout/login.

The :bug: above is relevant only for iPhones (with the latest app version 5.5.28).

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Thanks for the quick response and resolution update thats on the way :+1:

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Over the past few days myself and other 212 trading users have noticed a very long delay trying to log in also the holdings are graying and it takes time for the normal colour to show.
I thought it was due to the area I was in but I’m at home on fast internet but it’s still slow.
Anyone else noticed this ?

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