IPOB, IPOC, Line & Upwork

Hello, would be great to have IPOB & IPOC which are SPAC companies, they’re managed by Chamath Palihapitiya! He brought Virgin Galactic to Market using one of these SPAC companies, and sure he will do the same again under these tickers.

Also Line and UPWK would be great thank you!


+1 for IPOB and IPOC. As far as I am aware these sell individual shares already so would not have the same issues as with KCAC, GSAH and other SPACs.

+1 from me too

LINE, the Japanese version of WhatsApp? They’re listed as LN on the NYSE and available at least on CFDs. Couldn’t spot them on regular investment.

also wondering when these spacs will be added??

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Hey guys, just wondering if anyone from the Trading 212 team could comment to see if they’re considering adding IPOB & IPOC? Just for some clarification, as if not then I can invest in these elsewhere.



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