Just bought IPOB

Hi Guys - as many of you know I only own Tesla and nothing else. I just moved 2% of my portfolio into IPOB. This is not investment advice. Just what I’m doing.

I bought Chamath’s last SPAC last year for $10 and it went up to $17. That turned into SPCE. Chamath is a big Buffett&Munger guy. He’s a long term compounder.

I invested not because of Chamath but because I deeply studied Opendoor last year because my own tech business is in the retail space in the UK. We basically do a similar thing in the UK. But now I get a chance to invest into the company too. It’s selling at 1x sales ($4.9B), and next few years the company will be doing $10B in revenue.

As Chamath said in his short pitch this is an early opportunity like TSLA, AMZN. Again just what I’m doing, not investment advice.


Not a buyer, but watching closely. Don’t really buy in to the business model, but haven’t done any due diligence.

I don’t know enough about IPOB, other than its loss making at present. I’m also unclear on its prospects or growth plans and I don’t see a load of IPO’s in the current climate, especially with GDP showing potential to stagnate or contract.

I also don’t know enough on the competitors or their growth rates. I do like Chamath though, seems like a smart guy.

It is an interesting one and I wish you happy returns.

IPOB seems a very sound stock for all the above reasons, but what about the timing? I am concerned it might be be better to wait for the stock to come down in price a bit, your thoughts?