IPOB now OPEN not updating in CFD account

The ticker has not changed for IPOB what now is OPEN, and the chart has not changed.

Why has this happened???

Same here. dont know what is hapenning now.

I beleive our money isnt lost, they should move it to the new ticker. @JimLahey

Mines showing movement now, just with the old ticker, lost the move of the open. Should be able to trade it now

now yes… same here. shit… well anyway still in green and will hold for a while. good luck matt

Good luck to you Nab

HI @David @T212_help
I’m having some positions in IPOB on the CFD model, I believe many users have the same issue. we can’t do any actions, even the ticker hasn’t changed yet. what should we do?

Thanks for your help

@Matt.Cotgrove @Nab The acquisition took a bit longer to reflect - about 30 minutes after the session started. We’re sorry for the inconvenience - this rarely happens with SPAC acquisitions.