SPAC Help - Closing Positions on GSAH and KCAC

Hi there,

I just received the following message:


Can someone from @Team212 please clarify?

Thanks for any help.

EDIT - I’ve now just received one for KCAC also.

It seems like we are getting this for most SPACs (maybe all, but they just havent gone through the whole list). I have received the notification for a few, at the moment it is all minor positions in my case.

@Joey_Fantana, @adm, @mcwilliams91 and @Arron I know you have also been interested in SPACs, are you getting this also?

I haven’t seen any confirmation from @Team212, but is this due to the warrants?
It would be a bit annoying if we can no longer access SPACs.

I’m only in SHLL and LCA, but haven’t had any notifications as yet. Not looking good, especially with current market conditions hammering the prices.

Are trading212 no longer supporting spacs?

I got a message aswell today

Yes, on some. I’d luckily exited positions on most SPACs whilst this was bottomed out. I suspect it’s because on some SPAC IPOs, they release units and warrants first and (quoting/paraphrasing their own SEC filings) “[common/ordinary] shares will begin trading at some point after [these other] securities”.

Off a quick look, this has affected FUSE, KCAC, GSAH and others, whereas you can still purchase ‘older’ ones such as GRAF, etc.

I’ve checked IB and they have also removed KCAC and GSAH (haven’t checked others) so seems, if I’m even close, 212 have just simply followed IB’s lead, which we knew anyway following Joey’s previous work.

The issue then is, I’m not sure how we diarise/monitor the launch of a recently IPO’d SPAC’s common share- I’m not sure if there’s a set time after IPO for that (doesn’t appear so from the individual filings I’ve read) or there’s a separate calendar - do you know if there is @Joey_Fantana?

I’ve just sold 3 spacs on the back of the messages


Not waiting till 1st August for it to be mandatory sold.

My only thing is, the markets are falling today… Would it be better to sell tomorrow maybe? :thinking:
Difficult to know.

Whilst I understand why SPACs won’t be supported on T212. I do think it’s pathetic that the action to be taken is to forcefully sell. I personally will make a huge loss if I sell right now. Will T212 reimburse me? Will T212 foot the bill? Why was this not even looked into before even allowing SPACs to be traded on T212!

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Afraid not. I’m sure there’ll be a way though - even if you update your list @Arron so we can use as a reference point and periodically check against IB…?

There’s also likely to be a dedicated website (eg. SPAC Insider, if that’s a thing, might be IPO Insider or something) that might make it easier for us.

They’ve given til 1st August so I’d suggest hanging on a bit if you’re in the red to see if the next two weeks work a bit more favourably for your positions.

I should add that I am only speculating on a possible reason why some newer/recently listed SPACs are now suspended/no longer supported by IB/212 and not others (ie older ones).

I’d welcome 212 to come along and clarify shortly.


Depends on how recent the legislation is really. On that I have no clue though.

@David, any chance of an official announcement/post from the team to explain the position please?

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Has anyone had messages regarding SHLL? I cannot sell this now otherwise I’d be making a huge loss! I’ve not had any messages in the app as of yet.

I have had a look and I roughly break even on all the ones that received notification, hence I just sold mine also (only the ones that received a notification). It removes a future problem, like the issues when LATAM was delisted. Selling today is just one worry less.

Nonetheless, I am surprised that T212 have not let us know on the community forum before taking the action. It would be good to know the reasoning also, it may be to do with warrants but no one has confirmed.

I’ve just checked again and both GSAH.U and KCAC.U are present on IBKR (whereas before, I believe these were listed as GSAH and KCAC respectively - correct me if I’m wrong).

I’m sorry but why should I incur a loss by an action caused by T212z I’m sorry but I’m livid about this, if true especially with the SHLL merger not far off ie September. Really need some clarification on this @David

@Joey_Fantana mentioned above that he had NOT received a notification. If you have not received a notification it probably means that it is alright, at least for the time being.

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Yes, I will re-cross ref my list but I had previously wondered about the common vs unit issue and you’ll notice that on my list I’ve recorded which ones have commons on IB and which ones have units only.

My list, being in the Request forum, contained only ones not yet on 212 so I’d never previously checked IB to see if they’d had commons for GSAH, KCAC and others already on 212 you see.

But, I’ll recheck it anyway.

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I have SHLL and no notification either. The common class is showing on IB so I think SHLL is okay. This is the link I use to check which classes are on IB:

Then toggle to Advanced. Use the ticker to search and it will open in a new tab and show you all classes on IB.


Have had notifications for two of mine yes, possibly more to come depending on if they’ve finished going through the list.

Slightly frustrating. An official answer would be very appreciated, especially on @AdrianUK’s point about any losses covered? I’ve not actually checked my positions yet, just the notifications! :tipping_hand_man:

I assume the whole warrants thing is more complicated than just adding it in, and making them available. Or reading other comments, an Interactive Brokers thing, so T212 obviously have to follow suit!

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I’ve been through the SPAC Watchlist that I had going, with the following showing as “Suspended” so assuming they all fall into the same category;


Basically every single one that’s recently been added! :rofl: