IQST now OTCQX and buyable

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IQST has now been accepted into the OTCQX.

  • The OTCQX is the highest quality tier of OTC markets and offers trading in companies that are not listed on traditional exchanges.
  • Companies listed on the OTCQX markets have to follow certain rules and criteria and are subject to SEC regulation. For example, they have to adhere to governance transparency and must not be penny stocks.
  • The two lower-tier venues for OTC trading in the U.S. are the OTCQB (formerly the OTCBB) and the Pink Sheets.

With this in mind, IQST no longer falls under the category - ‘Illiquid OTC Penny Stocks’.

And with that logic 212 should once more allow the purchasing of said stock. Yes?

No that’s not correct. None of the items you have listed have any effect on the liquidity. You can be all of those things and still be illiquid - i.e. Constellation Software.

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Despite the uplist to OTCQX, the company continues to have a small market cap and an excessive volume generated from our platform might lead to suspension from the liquidity providers of our intermediary.

This already up more than 50m cap does that not enough?

@johast If the market cap is not even 100million then it falls under a group of penny stocks which T212 typically won’t support due to the above mentioned liquidity concerns.

Just to clarify again. IQST is not a penny stock. Thanks

SUWN does not meet any of requirements (Volume 400k and MC 8mil and is not a PSE) and can be traded…?? Why not IQST

What do you mean? It’s market cap is tiny no?


When will IQST be available to buy again?


Any update on this or does the position remain the same following over a year without updates?

The situation hasn’t changed much, I’m afraid @muzz1066. So, unfortunately, due to the reasons mentioned by @Bogi.H above, the security will remain in close-only mode for the time being.

We’ll share any updates as they become available.

So. Years on and still nothing? You’re not even listing it on top winners today and it’s 50% up! Seems there’s a bit of a vendetta…

Hey, @muzz1066 :wave:

IQST will remain in close-only mode as it is an OTC instrument with a low market cap and trading volume.