Is DAY TRADING allowed?

Hi, when I opened my account like +4 month ago I remeber day trading was not allowed.
There where also a pattern day trading rule for it.

Is it now allowed? Do my account will be blocked if I will do it?


Correct me if I’m wring but isn’t day trading just buying and selling a lot between when the market opens and closes? I don’t see why that wouldn’t be allowed. I used to do that when I had like £5 in my account just to get used to it.

why shouldn’t be allowed?

It was wrote in the terms and conditions.

@JKAndrex Can you specify where please? I did CTRL+F and couldn’t find anything about day trading but I could still be wrong

@JKAndrex It’s okay to day trade.


How many day trade can you make per day or per week ? Under PDT you can only make 3 day trades every 5 days is this the case with trading 212 ?

David already said it’s okay to day trade. PDT is an American rule so wont apply to T212 users

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PDT applies for US brokers on MARGIN accounts only and if you have less than $25,000 on your Margin account. On cash account PDT does not apply, however in US you can day trade if your funds are settled, meaning that if, for example, you have $1000 on your account and you buy shares from a company with a value of $1000 on Monday and after a while (same day) you sell them with profit of $1010, you will not be able to buy again using this money until next day, Tuesday. And if Tuesday you buy some shares with $1010 value you will not be able to sell them until following day Wednesday, which is T+2 since you have used this funds first time on Monday.
Now I have a question to @David: how T+2 settlement rule applies on Invest account on T212 for Day trading. Is it the same like in US? Or we can buy and sell same stock as many times as we want during same day?
Thank you.

@Dumitru_C The rule doesn’t apply here, you can trade as much as you’d like within a day using all of your funds - no waiting two days for settlements.


That’s great! Thank you @David for your quick reply. Stay safe everybody!

Is this a result of the following clause of Share Dealing Service Agreement?

Thank you @David.

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Sorry @David, that was a question :slight_smile:, I din not put question (?) mark.

they are going to love the commision they will make off you :smiley:

Wasn’t trading 212 free?

ITs free so how do they make their money ? they have spreads so yes its technically free but it is not every trade you make they make money cause there is a spread between the Real marker price and the price at which you sell so no matter what they make money :slight_smile: but they are one of the best brokers out there due to the fractional shares

Misinformation, stated as fact.

That’s How Trading212 makes money

Investing with Trading 212 is completely free.

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@David @George Hi, this is my first post and also i am new to investing and trading.

I am getting mixed messages from different pages. Can you please answer the questions below once more and put my mind to rest. Many thanks.

  1. Is it allowed to day trade US and European stocks with Trading212 Invest account.
  2. Is there any fee/charges/commission for day trading from Trading212 Invest account?
  3. Is there a limit on how many times once is allowed trade per day/week/month from Invest account commission free?
  4. Finally, is it legal to buy and sell shares of the same company i.e. Tesla, many times per day to make small profits?
    Thank you.


  1. Yes, it’s fine.
  2. None.
  3. Nope.
  4. Absolutely.