Number of trades per week

I was wondering if there is a limit on the number of trades you can open in the invest account per week or month?

Nope, skies the limit :+1:
Just make sure it is under acceptable use. Sending through 1000 trades per minute more than likely won’t classify as normal.


Yep… mind your robots :robot:

Thanks guys.
Good to know.
I actually trade manually but I still enter a large number of trades on sundays and manage them through the week (close only, no new trades).
I was worried that might be considered unusual.

Nope, that is fine to do.

The only thing frowned upon is doing this in the CFD account, as scalping on the CFD is not allowed. Anything else though is fine.

Not sure what he described fits scalping either as he’s opening them on Sunday and closing them gradually during the week, so should be good

My strategy is far from scalping… They will be best be considered weekly swing trades. I only open the trades on sunday so that I can get fills close to the market open on Monday. I only trade stocks.
Thanks for all the info folks

Wait, so you can do more than 3 day trades per week? No PDT rule on Trading212? :slight_smile:

PDT is an american thing, there are no rules like that for the UK. Buy away :smiley:

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Such a good thing!!!