Is Tesco worth a looking

I know it’s just thoughts and we don’t know what will happen… but…

Is Tesco a good buy to shout? They are one of the big boys in the world of supermarkets and will surely bounce back.

Anyone think it’s worth a big investment for mid-long term?

Tesco has done alright of late with lockdown and sale of its Thai and Malaysian businesses which has generated capital and hence bumped up its recent dividend. It is in a good place financially. I’ve seen articles that suggests its potentially good for long-term for dividend, but it’s share growth might be limited as Tesco is in its mature stage of its growth cycle. I think with lockdown easing this could let rivals back in like Aldi/Lidl? and Amazon could be a threat too?🤷

Thank you that’s interesting. Being new to this I have not seen much on dividends so am yet to see how that works on the portfolio value.

No probs. It might be good as a diversified portfolio, I’d just be careful betting everything on one horse! :wink:

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