LON:TSCO - April 2021, good time to invest?

I thought I would start a thread to gather some thoughts. I’m thinking this could be a good value/dividend play at current levels.


With the scaling back of its global business, selling its Poland/Asian arms, and management focusing efforts on core markets, this stock could perform well in the short to medium return.

Market views are generally good on this stock across the board, with a low target of 263p in the short term representing a 12% capital gain:


Similarly on a yield perspective, analysts are forecasting a range of 4%-8.5% yield for the year, and have generally been on point for this stock over the past 5 years.

The change in composition for Tesco as a whole has significantly changed given the sale of parts of the business, so I intend to look into this further but think it could be a good dividend addition at current levels.

In Morrison’s myself, Amazon tie up. Interesting year to hold supermarkets though BBQs galore this summer and a bumper Christmas you would expect.