Is there a Stop Loss fee?

Hi there, I am just wondering if T212 charge a fee for selling at a stop limit please? And if so what is the fee please?

Many thanks if you can help

No fees. The only fee in the fee schedule is the FX fee. The platform is funded by stock lending and the FX fee.

The only thing with a stop limit is it doesn’t guarantee you the price, it’s simply a trigger for an order to be sent to market, and we only have DMA.

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Wonderful answer, thanks a million and Happy Holidays!

If you are referring to a CFDs account, while you are not charged on deposit, FX, and neither stop-loss fee, there is a fee on higher spread (a markup on market’s buy and sell prices, equivalent to a transaction comission), and a margin fee (for the leveraged position, charges everyday around midnight; including on weekends).

If you are referring to an Invest or ISA account, then like @Dougal1984 said; only fee is FX, and of course instant deposit.
In an Invest account, the shares you own may also be lent out to fund the platform.

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And stock exchanges/regulators fees on the sell transactions:

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Yes but you get them trading with anyone so level playing field really…

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