ISA - completely tax free?

Hi, I’m aware that the ISA account provides us with a tax wrapper (for us UK citizens) but is it completely free from me having to make any tax declarations?

For example, if i deposit the max £20k and my investments produce a return greater than this, this is all still tax free?

Additionally, does the apply to foreign stocks I have invested in?

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Completely tax free including all gains made within your ISA.

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You do not have to mention any ISA at all in your tax return.

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one caviat is, you will still pay witholding tax, on applicable instruments (for example dividends on foreign shares) but you pay no additional income tax or CGT, and still you don’t have to declare it (as witholding tax will automatically deducted)

SIPPs on the other hand are completely tax free including witholding taxes (with most countries, including HKG and USA)

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ohh another point to underline, ISAs and tax efficient wrappers are based on residency (and I mean financial residency for taxing purposes) it does not matter if you are a UK citizen or not.


You’re also still required to pay stamp duty inside an ISA. But it’s still as easy as anything. Follow the few rules and you don’t have to declare this anywhere, and not have to work out any taxes as withholding tax and stamps duty is all automatic on T212


Thanks for the help everyone!