ISA Account for Non UK Residents

Hi All,

I am an Egyptian resident of the U.A.E. and I only have an option to sign up as CFD or Invest, now what I want to do is to invest in the stock market however, also want to have a savings plan which I presume is the ISA account or not? Is there an option like this for non UK residents? As per my google skills the ISA account is for UK citizens.

Also, I see lot’s of people talking about the ISA being tax free. In the U.A.E we don’t have taxes anyhow so how would this differ for me.

Will there be some sorts of investment saving feature for international users as I saw a video posted before showing a new feature that will come in April 2020?

Please help me understand how a saving plan can be done through T212.


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Use the invest account. ISAs in the UK just stands for Individual Savings Account and is exactly the same as the invest account. It is just a tax effecient wrapper for british citizens.

If you don’t have any taxes (you lucky bugger) then just use the Invest account to buy ETFs or shares or whatever. The “Pie Update” will be available to you when it releases.

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@nickspacemonkey Thanks for the help mate! Yeah we actually have only VAT on goods and services introduced in 2018 but still remains lower than what is there in the U.K I guess! That’s why we have lot’s of Brits here :slight_smile: