ISA Compliance?

Hi, on some share requests, I see replies saying the stock is not ISA compliant. What makes a stock ISA compliant or noncompliant and is there anywhere I can check whether its compliant?

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It’s to do with whether the underlying security is listed on an HMRC-recognised exchange. @Finki is the resident expert on these matters. You can find more info here:

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In addition to @topher’s response, you may also find this helpful also, as it has further explanation on ADR stocks and what requirements they should meet in order to qualify to be held within an S&S ISA. :slight_smile:


Muchas Gracias Amigo :+1:

(Shhhhh… there’s still lots of mistakes out there whether you have an isa with a pink brand, a blue brand or a darker blue brand. ISA rules are complex. The data is fragmented. It’s a dark art😉 @L.D reach out if you’re unsure of any of your assessments. Standard NDA😉)