ISA declaration for the new tax year

so, this happened today without giving me an option to or telling me how i can renew my ISA declaration. @David @George @Tony.V @Y.M help please? thank you

feature suggestion - maybe give us personalised links in these notifications itself to go straight to the declaration? or even better, send us all (those holding ISAs) a notification to update our declaration on the last day of the previous tax year or on the 1st day of the new tax year?

It is definitely something that we’ll improve in the flow so we can avoid similar inconvenience.

For the time being, you can go to the deposit page, initiate account funding (without the need to complete it), and you’ll be able to confirm the 2021/2022 ISA declaration.

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I just moved money from my Invest Account to ISA Account. New tax year ISA declaration is automatically attached on the scrren and you just need to read to cimfimr it that it is true. The money is moved seamlessly.

Yesterday evening I wanted to deposit some cash into my ISA, there was a confirm ISA declaration, which I read and agreed, went to ‘Confirm’ only to see a Please Try Again error message multiple times.
This was about 10pm yesterday, I was only at 20% ISA utilisation so wasn’t much of a concern but if I was at 99% utilisation it would have been very frustrating.
Of course it works perfectly this morning. Hope this didn’t affect many people able to utilise towards 100%.
What was the problem here?

Probaably because the declaration is valid only from today.