ISA multi Platform

Quick question.

Do you guys operate in multiple platforms, like do you have account here with T212 because is Free + you use other such as Interactive Investor, IG, Vanguard or Degiro, etc…? For perhaps Funds/Trust/Bonds and because of trust in the platform?

If so which one is your MAIN platform? and more which one is your main ISA accounting?

In this current uncertainty times, would you consider other platform because of the Bonds/Funds?

Do you think is good idea to open an ISA platform here at T212, or should open with an older operator such " ii "?


I use both the Invest and ISA account with T212.

I no longer invest with any other platforms. Now that I’m hooked on the convenience of the app and free nature of T212 it’s kind of hard to go back to paying fees!

Only my SIPP remains with Hargreaves Lansdown, I was going to transfer it over to ii however kind of hoping T212 open a SIPP account instead.

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It’s free simple easy transparent clear user friendly community is good bunch literally I don’t think I’ll ever go to another broker as main investment, I might Re buy same stocks just as a gamble or to say trade but trading 212 is the GOAT, and the amount of stocks is just terrific, diversified across a lot of countries. Other brokers either pack stocks or charge high fees, that’s where you literally need to be “buffet” he probably says once u buy a stock it’s forever cos he knows fees will make u break even :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Use both as well isa for forever stocks normal account for day trading ?

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