Our Invest & ISA services are profitable

We are pleased to announce that we are entering 2021 with a profitable share dealing service. With £2B in client assets and over 1 million funded accounts, we’ve reached a scale at which our service is sustainable while remaining completely free. :rocket:


Congratulations ! :+1:


Well done! :champagne:



I’ll keep my money in then…


That’s a big milestone @Tony.V and @Team212! Congratulations!!


Oh no… how can the Freetraders back up the subscription model now. Their only argument was Trading 212 needed to make money on CFDs to keep the Invest and ISA going so it “wasn’t safe”:face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Orders are actually executed :rofl: 🤷


Awesome, congratulations and well done! Please can you now also introduce Junior ISAs


That’s really great news. So pleased for the Trading 212 team and us clients :blush:.


This is tremendous news, Tony. Thanks for the update and kudos to you guys on the job you’ve done here. I’m one of the first to criticise when I think things are being done badly and I reserve the right to be so. But I try to be fair and that involves offering credit where it is due. So warmest congratulations to everyone at 212 on a really wonderful achievement.


Good to see profitability, hopefully that continues (I mean that in a good way as the last few months are probably a bit abnormal)

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Maybe true with AIM stocks and other low liquidities. I haven’t touched them so I wouldn’t really know. I don’t think the majority of clients would be touching these anyway. But if Freetrade’s any better at execution on these then fair enough. Shame you have to pay for access to most of them :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yesss! Congratulations to the entire Trading212 Team!:tada:

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Congratulations! It is pleasure to see your growth.

The helpful engagement with staff in this community is something unique amongst investment platforms.


T212 2 DA MOON! Excellent work, should hopefully shut up everyone who is claiming there are liquidity problems or whatever else they are making up.


@SWPhilosophy We don’t mind the constructive feedback. In fact, we encourage people to share their opinion (when all this is done adequately, rather than pure negativism :man_shrugging: ) - that’s the only proper way for us to improve further. You can see on your own how many of the recommendations shared here are already taken into account, implemented or yet to be implemented. :pushpin:

@TsotFin I’d love to provide you with some sort of ETA, however, I’m unable to. It’s in our plans - that’s for sure. As soon as I have some details, you can be certain that I’ll create & pin a topic, and I’ll share it with you personally (as I remember that you were among the first to request it in the community). Just bear with us - we have prepared tons of cool stuff for 2021. :rocket:

Thank you all for your support :bowing_man:


I currently use Vanguard for JISA. Their fees are relatively low but when buying funds, it can take a couple of days to complete which is frustrating if trying to buy dips etc.

This is great news - well done to the team :+1:

Please please launch a LISA, even for a modest subscription price! You’ve broken down barriers to financial wealth, now let’s go and help people build their house deposits :house_with_garden: / prepare for retirement (SIPP)