ISA portfolio performance vs pay-ins

In the ISA account, show performance vs total ISA pay-ins. Currently shows performance of active stocks in the portfolio vs their buy-in prices. But would be good to be able to see performance vs ISA pay-ins.


This would be useful under the General Investment Account as well.

Both the full portfolio, and our returns would be good.

I think it’s called a time weighted rate of return, and would allow a direct comparison against any fund or total return index.

Hi, @lugam

Your recommendation is appreciated and taken into account already.

In case you have other ideas, feel free to share them, as we would love to hear them.

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Hi @Hris.M

thank you for your message.

Another idea would be the performance of “strategies”. Like Watchlists, I could group some of the stocks in my portfolio to see the overall returns. Example: see my combined returns for Delta and American Airlines, as my “Airline Strategy”.

Or in different words: basically watchlists but showing my returns instead of today’s market performance.

Thank you

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