Portfolio benchmark against major indexes

I was thinking about my investments and how good are they in either a crash, a crysis or in a bull run. I keep going to yahoo finance to measure the valuation/devaluation against the SP500 index and then I thought that this could be a good feature to have in T212.

We should be able to directly compare our portfolios against the indexes we choose, be it SP500, Dow30, Nasdaq, whatever, all built in the T212 application.

This would be even better if we can make this comparison by day, week, month, quarter, year so we know how well/bad are we doing.


You make a great point. That would be a good feature.
Morningstar do have this feature within their Portfolio XRay, through their premium membership.
You can select individual investments or one combined chart against any number of indexes or even other stocks or funds.


Same. I +10000 this.

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Good Idea would love to have that :slight_smile:

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