ISA Transfer out

I have tried to transfer my ISA with Trading 212 to another provider and keep my Invest account open for trading. When trying to do so the process failed as it was established that the ISA with Trading 212 is a Cash ISA, not a S&S ISA.

The document from the provider I am looking to transfer my S&S ISA to explained the following - “Unfortunately, Trading 212 UK have told us they cannot carry out the transfer because the account they have been asked to move is a cash ISA, not a stocks and shares ISA, as the application says. We would suggest that you contact them for more information.”

If the account I have with Trading 212 is indeed an S&S ISA (which I have no reason to doubt), why couldn’t the transfer be made? Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

As far as I am aware, you have to sell everything and then move the cash to your new ISA and buy again

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That is correct, unfortunately.

Certainly looking at trading isa additional terms page only talks about S & S ISA (I too doubt trading 212 would have set it up as a cash ISA …cant see how they’d be able/ allowed to )

Sounds to me like X provider has got some of the terminology wrong.

ISA has to transfer as cash not ISA is cash.

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100% they are wrong. We only offer stocks and shares ISAs. We will probably have told them that we do not offer in specie transfers which they interpreted incorrectly. We don’t do many transfers out but if you want to close the ISA and sell the positions you have we will happily transfer the balance of cash.


Has there been any progress? I read on the forum that in specie would be available by 3Q2020. I am looking to invest more with Trading212, but am hesitant right now, since I will never be able to move the shares anywhere without liquidating.