Transfer cash ISA from Bnak to Trading 212 ? S&S Isa

I have cash ISA with Nationwide from my last year cash ISA subscription. I would like to start trading with S&S Trading 212 S&S. Certainly I do not want to transfer this cash ISA all together in one go. I would like to transfer it to Trading 212 cash ISA and gradually converting this cash ISA bit by bit to S&S ISA by investing/trading it using Trading 212 platform.

Could I do that. What is the correct process I need to do to ensure that it does not lose the ISA privilege?


Do NOT make a transfer yourself.

You will need to use ISA Transfer forms.
Email: for these forms.

Thanks will do that.

Trading 212 do not have a cash ISA. So if I were you and wanted to move to a S&S ISA then I would just make a transfer of the full amount out of the Nationwide ISA, let it sit in the T212 S&S ISA as cash, and buy shares at whatever pace you like. The loss of interest while funds sit as cash will be tiny.

Thanks RichardW. That is what I am going to do to tranfer my My cash ISA from NW to Trading 212. My cash ISA at NW is from previous year subscription and it is flexible, so I will leave £1 in there to be used as a temporary pot when needed.

I note that NW cash ISA has interest rate of just 0.01%!

Just beware that with S&S you can lose money.