Issue adding stocks & ETFs?

Hi All,

Is there an issue with the adding of new stocks & ETF’s?

Currently, I have a couple of requests, nothing too exotic, without a reply and cant find them listed on the search.

Is it just me (and my requests) that are the problem? Is anyone else waiting for there’s to be added?



Its not only you. There are some requests that keep asking for unelligible ETFs for EU, and there are some requests asking for shares not existing in supported exchanges.

But majority of legitimate requests are ignored sitting there forever without any response. If anything “exotic” weird shares are added faster than main stream big shares.

Thanks Kali, good to know. But shame for your selection not being added yet.

Last time @David replied positively to a previous request. Maybe this time also. Its fully appreciated, the guys are busy on new great features however, building out the portfolio surely is also a high priority for retaining & attracting new users.

Let hope soon, it’ll be good news.

I don’t want to be the arrogant dick who says “my shares are more important than others”

But one would think or assume major shares in major indices should have been here already without anyone asking. SNP500, FTSE100/250 EURO Stoxx etc, these should already be there.

DRE from my list, SNP500, Prosus yet another giant EU company, and just clicked on new requests to find an example took 3 seconds to see this poor blokes request for a FTSE 250 share

lets tag @L.D and @David for good measure :slight_smile:

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you know i’ll always give you a +1 for Prosus buddy :wink:

i can see they add new shares every week, so let’s hope ours get picked up soon enough.

thanks for the shout out though

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