Please add Enerplus Corp: NYSE:ERF

Searched for it in Invest and ISA but not found, thanks.

@Team212 can this be added please

Can someone from @Team212 please respond. Been a week since I requested this and would be nice to get some form of reply from Trading212, thanks.

As I’m sure you’ll appreciate, there’s 1,000’s of stock which have been requested over time, and there will still be 100’s that aren’t added yet. If demand creeps up for it, then it might be added quicker, until then please keep an eye on it’s appearance.

So stocks only get added if lots of users want them?

If the whole forum was asking for this stock, then yes (well 99% chance) it would be added quicker due to demand. Having you posting 7 days ago, 6 days ago, and 3 hours ago isn’t going to get it T212 to add it any quicker, no. What I’m saying is it’s in the pile with every other outstanding request …

And if I dont keep posting, it will simply get ignored as it gets further and further down the list of posts until it becomes completely dormant. As mentioned above, a simple response from Trading212 to say yeah we seen it but we are busy would have been enough.