I've been told I need to close and open a new account to open an ISA?!

I opened my account in the UK, a few years later I moved abroad to Japan, and I have recently moved back to the UK.

I want to open an ISA. I changed my address back to the UK.

Using the live chat function, at first I was told that because my account was made in Japan, the account wouldn’t be able to open an ISA. I queried that, and after checking again they confirmed the account was made in the UK, but that because I had moved abroad at one point, I would have to close this account and open a new one in order to create an ISA?!

So, I have to incur costs and close out my investments and account just to wait to have to go through the entire sign-up process again (not sure if there is a backlog these days)?

Does this sound right to any admins or other users here? Why can’t I provide evidence of UK residency? Why does moving abroad suddenly taint the account and mean that it is now impossible for it to EVER open an ISA even if moved back to the UK?

Try force-closing the app, @Sirfracis - the option to open an ISA will appear after :v: