Just a few AIM mining stocks that would be good to add

Hi @phildawson,
I had a look at the list again and I noticed something.

This miner rang a bell, it reminded me of a company I researched back in April (EEnergy) and requested (Additional LSE AIM Stocks). It sounded very much like the previous name of the company.

So, I went onto the LSE website and looked at some previous RNSs. If you look at this previous RNS from EEnergy you will see what I mean:

EEnergy was formed from a reverse-merger and was previously known as Alexander Mining, but now has nothing to do with mining.

I also can’t find it on the LSE website which makes me think that there is no other company with that name.

The only thing is… could this mean that other companies on the list are also out of date?
Alexander would have changed its name in January.
How did you export/create the list?