Just a few AIM mining stocks that would be good to add

Alexander Mining PLC (AXM) see posts below
Altus Strategies PLC (ALS)
Anglo Asian Mining PLC (AAZ)
ARC Minerals Ltd (ARCM)
Arkle Resources PLC (ARK)
Ariana Resources PLC (AAU)
Asiamet Resources Ltd (ARS)
Atalaya Mining PLC (ATYM)
Base Resources Ltd (BSE)
Beowulf Mining PLC (BEM)
Berkeley Energia Ltd (BKY)
BlueRock Diamonds PLC (BRD)
Botswana Diamonds PLC (BOD)
Cadence Minerals PLC (KDNC)
Chaarat Gold Holdings Ltd (CGH)
China Nonferrous Gold Ltd (CNG)
Condor Gold PLC (CNR)
Conroy Gold & Natural Resources PLC (CGNR)
Cora Gold Ltd (CORA)
ECR Minerals PLC (ECR)
Edenville Energy PLC (EDL)
Empire Metals Limited (EEE)
Erris Resources PLC (ERIS)
Eurasia Mining PLC (EUA)
Firestone Diamonds PLC (FDI)
Galantas Gold Corp (GAL)
GCM Resources PLC (GCM)
Goldplat PLC (GDP)
GoldStone Resources Ltd (GRL)
Griffin Mining Ltd (GFM)
Harvest Minerals Ltd (HMI)
Highland Gold Mining Ltd (HGM)
Horizonte Minerals (HZM)
Hummingbird Resources PLC (HUM)
Jangada Mines PLC (JAN)
Jubilee Metals Group PLC (JLP)
Karelian Diamond Resources PLC (KDR)
Kibo Energy PLC (KIBO)
Kore Potash PLC (KP2)
Kropz PLC (KRPZ)
Landore Resources Ltd (LND)
MC Mining Ltd (MCM)
Metals Exploration PLC (MTL)
Ncondezi Energy Ltd (NCCL)
Oriole Resources PLC (ORR)
Ormonde Mining PLC (ORM)
Orosur Mining Inc (OMI)
Ovoca Bio PLC (OVG)
Pathfinder Minerals PLC (PFP)
Prospex Oil and Gas PLC (PXOG)
Rambler Metals and Mining PLC (RMM)
Red Rock Resources PLC (RRR)
Regency Mines PLC (RGM)
Richland Resources Ltd (RLD)
RockFire Resources (ROCK)
Savannah Resources PLC (SAVP)
Serabi Gold PLC (SRB)
Sunrise Resources PLC (SRES)
Tertiary Minerals PLC (TYM)
TransGlobe Energy Corp (TGL)
Trans-Siberian Gold PLC (TSG)
Vast Resources PLC (VAST)
W Resources PLC (WRES)
Xtract Resources PLC (XTR)


It would be nice to have them on here :slight_smile:.

Altus already on the platform ticker ALS would be great to see more of the above added . If you buy any Altus stick with it as sometimes takes a while for shares to be bought and a bit of spread on price as well

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Cheers yeah I hadn’t spotted that.

It would be good to have it fractional.

Then it can be added to this pie


That is one awesome pie. I
I tend to invest more in royalty companies eg Anglo pacific Wheaton and the like.
A new share i am buying is TRR small but growing a company in a hurry .
You may of just inspired me to do a mining pie

Hi @phildawson, do you by any chance know which of these are AIM listed?
Is there a way of filtering them?

We might be able to ask IB to add them, so that T212 can then add them. :slight_smile:

They are all AIM :slightly_smiling_face:

A few on that might actually be on here as I was checking via pie so some may just need turning fractional like Altus.


My mistake, I had a look at the list and thought that “Berkeley Energia” was only available on Australian and Spanish exchanges.

Hi @phildawson,
I had a look at the list again and I noticed something.

This miner rang a bell, it reminded me of a company I researched back in April (EEnergy) and requested (Additional LSE AIM Stocks). It sounded very much like the previous name of the company.

So, I went onto the LSE website and looked at some previous RNSs. If you look at this previous RNS from EEnergy you will see what I mean:

EEnergy was formed from a reverse-merger and was previously known as Alexander Mining, but now has nothing to do with mining.

I also can’t find it on the LSE website which makes me think that there is no other company with that name.

The only thing is… could this mean that other companies on the list are also out of date?
Alexander would have changed its name in January.
How did you export/create the list?

It’s in my notes on my phone collected over a long time so :man_shrugging: :sweat_smile:

I think you are right, if I go to the website I have noted it now takes me to that Eenergy.


So it looks like it bought eLight for ÂŁ6.6m and became eEnergy

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I requested IB to add 4 stocks from the LSE AIM (Seeing Machines, Water Intelligence, ECR Minerals and Landore Resources), and this is the reply that I got:

Dear XXX

These ISIN’s:


…are not available for trading at IBKR and cannot be added to our system because we do not support order routing to the segment of the LSE where it is listed.

If you would like to trade these symbols, you would need to do so at a different firm.



I imagine that this is the reason why so many haven’t been added.
Can anyone explain this? What “special segment” are they on?

Also @David, it seems like IBKR now have access to “Berkeley Energia” and “Eurasia Mining” on LSE AIM, could they be added? :smile:

The reason why I mention it is because it was not possible to add them previously (all available AIM stocks were added):

Also, we had Eurasia earlier in the year, but then it was removed. I believe that it has been added onto the IB platform this month.

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@EquityInvestor Doesn’t seem to be the case. Tested both & orders are still getting rejected.

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ARC Minerals: ARCM please :slight_smile:


I’m for Berekely Energia. It’s having much better liquidity and is on the way.

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Thank you for checking :slight_smile:.
I asked because they seem to appear on IBKR mobile, hopefully IBKR will make them available soon.
Apologies for taking some time to reply, I have not been able to be on here this week.

@David spotted you adding a few requests is it possible to add theses… :pray: thanks

UFO (Alien metals)
ARV (Artemis Resources)
SVE (Starvest)
EUA (Eurasia Mining)
ECR (ECR Minerals)
GUN (Gunsynd)
WATR (Water Intelligence)
EMH (European Metals Holding)
OMI (Orosur Mining)
BKY (Berkeley Energia Ltd)


@David just a friendly bump can these ten highly requested above be added? :pray: cheers

I know the OP I made is taking the piss a bit but would be great to have those at some point too.


UFO - Not available on IB. :x:
ARV - Same, only available in :australia: . ^ :x:
SVE - Not available. :x:
EUA - ^ :x:
ECR - ^ :x:
GUN - :white_check_mark:
WATR - :x:
EMH - :white_check_mark:
OMI - :white_check_mark:
BKY - :white_check_mark:

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Thanks. :+1:

Going to be keeping tabs on Gunsynd and Orosur personally.