Just a few AIM mining stocks that would be good to add


Good evening David,
Please add CGNR (Conroy Gold Natural Resources) which was mentioned in the original list.
Much appreciated

@David sorry I missed one, call we have this too thanks.


And CGNR above


@phildawson , have you have invested in it? If so you won’t be too happy today…
And if you have not, then it might be a good opportunity to buy.


I haven’t had a chance to catch up with the news having been dealing with watching GNUS like a hawk.

What’s the story behind -39%?

Something about 26 / 12 million shares being dumped. False rumours it was BOD.

Doesn’t look good :neutral_face:

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Yes, I read on the FT forum that a significant shareholder has exited his position.
What do you mean with “BOD”?

One of the board of directors which would indicate very bad news on the way. However I think that’s just a rumour.

I’ve only given it a few mins look into what’s happening.

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On the other hand, they have to be careful with these things as significant insider buying/selling is carefully looked at.
So it might not be anything or it might just mean that no news is expected within the next few months, which could continue to depress the share price.

It could have been as simple as someone wanted to play with the stonks today. :joy:

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It’s up significantly today.
With the current rise it is “only” around 15% down compared to market price at open or even midday yesterday.

Has Gunsynd been removed? Can’t find it anymore…

I can’t see it either 🤷

@David has GUN been removed?

ORR - please can we add this stock in the list?

Thought Eurasia mining (EUA) wasn’t available but my yesterday’s trial market order @15:49 got processed today at market open 0800 @25.5p. Looks like there’s been no price update for a while now so it shows -41.25% using share price of 16p (ask) and 14.98p (bid). Could you please look into this? It’d be nice to be able to purchase EUA in t212 rather than in Freetrade and HL.

Follow up : The sp was updated today but market orders from both yesterday and today not processed. Some clarity regarding this would be appreciated fellas. @David @Team212 @Tony.V @Y.M @Martin

Can get base resources added please