Keep Track of your records for Tax Purposes

Good Morning Everyone,
I have been trading in Trading 212 invest account… Just want to share the simple excel file that I have created to keep track of my Buying and Selling. Please have a look and hope this may find useful for the future.


I think you will also need to keep track of the exchange rate between USD and the currency of the country in which you pay tax at the time of each purchase and sale.

Personally, I find helpful to group all Amazon lines together in one little diary in date order, all Netflix lines together, etc. When you sell part of your holding of Amazon you will need to calculate the average per share cost. This is more easily done if all the Amazon purchases are occurring in contiguous lines. Here is an example, showing purchases of GE. The first line is a summary of the 4 lines below.

Some key figures that are needed for figuring capital gains/loss when I sell are those in blue in the top line.

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Hi Richard,
Thank you for the reply. I created the excel files based on the Contract Statements I received from Trading 212 which comes in GBP anyway so wondering why I need to include exchange Rate.

That’s OK then. I hadn’t realised your prices were GBP prices taken from the contract note (though I should have). I like to keep track of both the USD and GBP prices since it is the USD price that I watch and which appears in charts.

You will still need some way of easily figuring out your average price per Amazon share.

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Hi Richard,
Just one more question.

For an Example.
If I sell a fraction of share on Amazon and reinvest on Netflix, do I need to calculate the gain from Amazon separately ?

According to the below calculation (Hope its correct when calculating profit)
Profit = (Current Amazon Share Selling Price * Number of Shares Sold) - (Amazon average Cost Per Share * Number of Shares Sold)
For an example
if Profit =£100 and reinvest on Netflix all £100.

Do I have any profit at the end of the day ?

Hope it’s clear and sorry if I confuse you.

Many thanks.

Yes, the question is clear and you do have a profit so far as HMRC is concerned. Gains and losses have to be reported for each company you invest in separately.


Thank you very much Richard. Really appreciate your input on this.